Is your Editor suitable for Academic Writing Material?

No academic paper can be considered complete unless it is approved by an experienced editor. Finding the right editor can be a challenging task for any student. Unfortunately, the online world is full of questionably “experienced” editors, who may not be suited for editing your academic document.

Following are some traits and practises that you may find in your inexperienced editor, along with why that could be harmful for your academic work:

  • Experience of editing non-academic documents.

Your editor may be experienced, but in a different genre of literature like fiction or magazines. Academic editors require a different level of expertise, which may not be available in other editors. Ensure that you get your document edited from an individual, who is well-versed with the requirements of academic writing.

  • Excessive edits in your academic document

Inexperienced editors tend to make large number of edits in reviewed documents. Check if the suggested changes will result in higher reader engagement, or add any value to the existing content. Argue decisively against the edits that would require extra time for changing.

  • Judging your editor by the charged fees

Do not judge your editor as good or bad, based on the charged editing fee. The fees charged cannot determine the quality of the editor. At the same time, do not blindly opt for an editor who charges too less just to clinch the deal.

  • Your editor is not the content expert.

Experienced editors recognize the fact that ultimately, it is the writer who owns the content and objective of the written article. Inexperienced editors tend to impose major changes in the content and organization to such an extent that writers may not be able to recognize the original content they wrote.

  • Lack of patience and guidance

An experienced editor not only does quality editing, but also act as a guiding mentor to writers. They do not mind spending time explaining the suggested changes to the writer, as they also want to see improvement in the writing skills of the writer. An inexperienced editor will not have any of these traits.

  • Excessive editing mistakes

No editor is expected to capture all writing mistakes, but when any editor overlooks an exceptionally high number of mistakes, it can be detrimental to the final quality of your submission.

A healthy author-editor bonding is crucial for producing high-quality academic material, hence it is best to work with experienced and skilled editors.

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